Preparing for an Independent Medical Examination

Does your employer require an independant medical examination?

Independent medical exams are carried out when a doctor with whom you have no previous history, will assess you. The reason for doing so is to secure the unbiased assessment of a physician regarding your health issues.

An independent medical examination is carried out for the following reasons

  • To determine the exact cause and nature of injury incurred at or during work.
  • An IME can be requested by an insurance company or an individual to determine where they actually stand in case of a liability issue.
  • Self insured employers and insurance carriers often request an IME.
  • In case the doctor sends a report that an injury claimed by a worker is not a result of working for a specific company, they can be denied insurance and refused to be paid for treatment.
  • For employees looking to file a lawsuit regarding injuries incurred at work, an independent medical examination is often carried out.

Independant Medical Examination – Things to Keep in Mind

When hiring new staff, a medical examination from an independant provider can ensure trust for both employer and employee. Book an independant medical examination with Melbourne Occ Health and get trusted results fast. Any individual going through an independent medical assessment must keep the following things in mind.

  • Avoid going for the examination on your own. If possible make sure to take a relative like a brother, sister or a close friend with you.
  • Be well prepared for the medical examination. It’s good to know that the assessment is being done on request by your opponent.
  • When the doctor asks you questions, refrain from answering in detail.
  • Often a simple yes or no would suffice. If there is a question you aren’t really sure about, a simple I don’t know would suffice.
  • Make sure to mention any pain you might feel during the examination.
  • If it’s legal to record a medical examination in your state, make sure you do it.
  • This way you can have sufficient data in case any of your problems are misinterpreted.
  • Also make sure that you ask for a copy of the report after the exam has been conducted.
  • This way you would be able to find any discrepancy if they fail to elaborate on your health condition. Since you would already have taken along a friend, let the adjuster know that they can testify to your statement
  • Since an IME is pretty brief when compared to your own time spent at the doctors for treatment of the injury make sure to point out this fact to the adjuster.
  • If you think that the medical examination is too negative you should ask for a reference from your own doctor.
  • Ask your own questions as well. This may put the adjuster at a defensive and they might relent towards a negotiation with you.

In case of serious accidents the person who is at fault has to pay high monetary sums for compensation. Depending on your career, some new jobs require pre employment medicals. Melbourne Occ Health offer the best available pre employment medical examinations available. That is why most people seek help from having an IME conducted. Though the IME is often not in favor of the person who has undergone an injury, being well prepared and honest is the way to go forward.

Fearing an IME shouldn’t be the case. Always make sure you have a meeting with an attorney before submitting your IME.